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Work Your Purpose

Transforming employers, leaders, and teams to create 
a conscious workplace culture of purpose, positivity, and productivity 


Shift to a culture that works!

Uncover and address issues. Create space for authentic and compassionate conversations. 

Work Your Purpose (For Employees)

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November 4

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November 18

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Moving from Excellence to Conscious Genius-Ship™ Through Culture Transformation

Open Mind Health

EAP Overview

The global pandemic has caused an overwhelming need for humanity to recalibrate and find new meaning and purpose. In addition, it has created a mental health crisis impacting individuals, workforces, leaders, teams, and organizations. Workforce productivity has dropped; 52% of all workers feel burned out; employees of all ages suffer from stress, fatigue, isolation, and depression; and of course, there is "The Great Resignation." 

Sunderland Coaching and Open Mind Health have joined forces to help build thriving workplace cultures that are purpose-driven, positive, and productive. These cultures value authenticity, connection, team building, and creativity—cultures of abundance versus scarcity. By combining our holistic expertise in leadership strategy, team building, and mental health, we are bridging gaps to healthier workplace cultures and overall wellbeing.

The Transformational Plan


Employee Needs and Engagement Survey

Understand your current workplace satisfaction and craft a strategic plan to achieve a purpose-driven
win-win philosophy of learning, curiosity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and collective responsibility. 

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Team and Workplace Assessments

Become an inspiring, engaged team member by practicing conscious tools that create a culture of collaboration that prioritizes workplace health and wellbeing.


Build and Maintain a Purpose-Driven Workplace Culture

Prioritize workplace authenticity, including DEI, and meaningful engagement that celebrates your "Genius-ship."



Ensure optimal mental wellbeing through best practices, assessments, education, training, coaching, and monitoring. Customize mind-body-spirit care to address employee/employer challenges such as workplace traumatic stress, burnout, and more.

The Game Changers

deb sunderland.jpg

Debra Sunderland

CEO & Founder
Sunderland Coaching

Debra’s genius is creating a clear vision for CEO's and their teams - making that vision a reality. With decades of C-level executive and team coaching, Debra challenges leaders by inviting them to create a collaborative, vibrant, responsible, and purpose-driven culture, which fosters productivity and results. She specializes in awakening leaders to  move them into sustainable excellence and self-awareness. Debra’s clients and their companies become the model of transformation, no matter where they are on their journey.

dr. beach.jpg

Dr. Craig Beach

CEO & Founder
Open Mind Health

Dr. Craig Beach is an inspiring leader, tireless mental health advocate, educator, author, and mentor. He is a board-certified psychiatrist, strategist, healthcare consultant, and was previously the Psychiatrist Lead, PTSD Program for a Workers’ Compensation Board. From depression and anxiety to trauma and personality challenges, Dr. Beach promotes best practices and innovative mind-body-spirit treatment approaches to bring positive change to those who are stuck or struggling. He is a purpose-driven champion for individuals, teams, and organizations — helping them overcome unconscious biases, limiting beliefs and behaviors in order to be their authentic selves and reach their full potential. Dr. Beach elevates our understanding of ourselves and others to expand the possibilities for a brighter future.


Stephanie Robinson

Chief of Quality & Client Experience
Open Mind Health

Stephanie Robinson is a change agent propelling individuals, teams, and organizations to surpass expectations and thrive. As a strategic systems and culture transformationist, consultant, educator, and author, she guides insight and self-awareness to create positivity, productivity, and purpose. Stephanie is currently a leader as Open Mind Health's Chief of Quality and Client Experience and a skilled psychotherapist and executive coach. Visionary, results-driven, compassionate, and insightful—Stephanie is a force of growth and wellbeing.

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